Raclette Cheese


The swissmooh Raclette Cheese is one of the most popular semi-hard cheeses. This cheese is characterized by its excellent meltung properties and fabulous taste. Our swissmooh Raclette is a rind-matured cheese, and its ripening period lasts for 2-3 month. For this natural and high quality cheese, only the best ingredients are used without any food additives. As a result, you can enjoy this cheese even with the rind. But under the aspects of taste, we only recommend to eat the cheese with rind if you melt it, otherwise it could taste a bit bitter. And do not let deter you of the smelly rind - this is totally normal and is required for the formation of the profound taste profile of this cheese.

Since this cheese is so popular, it's one of the Swiss national dishes. Especially in winter, when it is cold outside, Swiss people love to meet up and eat a cosy Raclette at home. For Raclette, you basically melt the cheese, and enjoy it with spices and different side dishes, such as potato, mushrooms or pickles. But there is no limit for your own creativity!

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