Cheese Fondues


Fondue is a traditional Swiss cheese meal. Eaten with your family or friends you will feel the typical ambiance of a Swiss winter day! swissmooh presents two different versions of fonue - a traditional one with alcohol and a family friendly version without alcohol.




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How to prepare:

1. Cut the bread into bite-sized cubes, each one with a piece of crust.

2. Open the bag of fondue and pour the cheese into a traditional Swiss Caquelon fondue pot.

3. Melt the fondue on the stove until it bubbles gently. Stir continuously until the cheese is melted and the fondue obtains its typical light creamy texture.

4. To serve, place the Caquelon over a fuel lamp or burner and keep the fondue hot enough to continue bubbling. You may add nutmeg, pepper, garlic or paprika to taste. Skewer the bread onto a fondue fork, making sure to only slightly pierce the crust, and dip it into the fondue – enjoy!

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