swissmooh Cheese Fondue

Fondue is a traditional Swiss cheese meal. Eaten with your family or friends you will feel the typical ambiance of a Swiss winter day!

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How to prepare:

1. Cut the bread in cubes (mouth-size). Try to have on each piece bread-crust on one side.

2. Open the pouch and put the content into a pot (best to use an original fondue- "caquelon")

3. Heat up the content of the pouch. Stir gently all the time and be careful not to overheat it. Ones the cheese is melted, it be-comes its typical fluid fon-due-appearance.

4. Add pepper, paprika, garlics and/or small onions as you prefer.

5. Place the "caquelon" on a spirit-cooker or a burner. The Fundue has to simmer all the time. But be careful not to overheat it

6. Pick up a piece of bread us-ing a fondue-fork (fork with a long handle) and dip it into the cheese. Do a circling movement before taking it out again. With a twisting movement of the fork, the cheese remains on the fork. Enjoy!

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