swissmooh Tête de Moine AOP


The Swissmooh Tête de Moine AOP Wheel is a semi hard cheese made out of raw cow milk in small cheese dairies according to traditional methods. The cheese then matures for more than 2.5 months in a ripening cellar.

The oldest description of the "Tête de Moine" (=Monk’s Head) cheese dates from 1628 and states that a "very fatty milk of impeccable quality from the best grasses and herbs of the country is used".

Best is not to cut, but pare it into the shape of delicate rosettes. The paring technique increases the amount of air getting in contact with the surface of the cheese, altering the structure of its body and allowing the full flavour of Tête de Moine AOP, Bellelay cheese to develop. This gives the cheese an even more delicious taste.

The easiest way to pare the cheese is to use the Girolle.

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