Premium Swiss Chocolate Creamy Black


The story of Swiss chocolate started by processing fresh cow’s milk to finest Swiss milk chocolates by a long and elaborate process. It was the fine milk taste combined with the tanginess of cocoa as well as the lovely creamy texture started the success story of the Swiss chocolate tradition all over the world.

Our premium chocolates are manufactured in a traditional family-owned chocolate factory in the northeastern part of Switzerland – the area of our own milk producers. They know that an excellent chocolate requires an accurate conching process, to develop a well-balanced and intensive flavour. Therefore, we are confident about the quality of our chocolates and are proud to present this to you.

Creamy black is a dark chocolate containing milk. The high cocoa content gives it the rich dark colour and deep taste profile. Due to the high milk content, we ensure a velvety melt and make it less tart and bitter in taste than common black chocolates.

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