swissmooh and its history

swissmooh is owned by the leading independent Swiss dairy farmer‘s association mooh. As early as 1905, dairy farmers in the North-Eastern part of Switzerland founded the cooperative Milchverband Winterthur at today's headquarter of swissmooh and Nordostmilch. The purpose of the cooperative was to collectively sell the products made of the milk produced by the members of the cooperative. The cooperative's name and structure changed several times during its long history. However, the purpose and the strategic target of mooh and its daughter company swissmooh remains the same: To be a safe and sustainable sales channel for our farmers.

The mooh dairy farmers are proud to market their premium dairy products through their own sales channel swissmooh to foreign countries like China and Thailand, and introduce Swiss dairy to consumers all over the world. 

Trustworthy products

Even today, swissmooh and its mother company mooh are entirely owned by the dairy farmers who supply the milk for our products. We are highly transparent and have personal contact with all of the farmers supplying our delicious milk. We control the whole value chain from the farms to the store, which guarantees trustworthy products. 

High quality through local production

All our products are produced entirely by swissmooh- associated, local cheese dairies close to the place where the milk is produced. The fresh milk is collected by mooh trucks and delivered to the nearby dairies. For several cheeses, the transportation distance is limited to a maximum of 30 km. This is not only important for the outstanding quality of our products but also good for the environment.

For further information about mooh, please visit their website. 

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