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Dairy products play an important role in a healthy diet. Three portions a day cover more than 50% of the daily protein requirement of the body. Milk and dairy products are also the most important source of Calcium. For example, a 200ml glass of swissmooh milk covers 35% of the daily recommended allowance of Calcium for an adult. A slice of cheese (28g), for example our Emmental AOP, covers 29% of the RDA. It has never been so easy to lead a healthy lifestyle!  

Our swissmooh products are premium quality products, following strict quality control and a cold chain from the farm to the shops. They are 100% produced in Switzerland, using only local ingredients. Enjoy the taste of Switzerland with a healthy and delicious glass of swissmooh natural milk or a piece of one of our melt-in-your-mouth chocolates! 

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You also can prepare a traditional Swiss cheese meal with Fondue cheese or Raclette - it tastes the best in company with friends or family!

Switzerland 100% pure milk