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About the project

swissmooh is an exporter of premium dairy products, bringing unique taste to consumers in China, Thailand and Switzerland. Our mother company, mooh, is one of the biggest milk cooperatives in Switzerland. The project offers a short stop at an idyllic farm, giving participants the possibility to experience a break from the usual tourist activities. Instead of sightseeing and shopping, our guides invite participants to learn about the workings of agriculture and experience farm life, as well as relax in the tranquil surroundings of the Swiss countryside.

All our farms are different, so there are many additional activities that can be experienced, be it a petting zoo for the kids, plucking fresh fruit from trees, enjoying a traditional Swiss meal or even drinking cider directly from a barrel. Participants can interact with the animals by experiencing how to milk a cow, collect chicken eggs, or feed the animals.

For travelers who have already seen the picturesque cities of Switzerland, we would like to offer an interesting change of scenery, in which travelers are invited to explore the natural Swiss way of life. We offer a unique experience for travelers of all ages. Our farms can be found all over Switzerland, and are close to famous areas like Zurich, Lucerne and Basel, which makes it easy to include in your tour plan. Depending on your needs and on the farm, we offer many additional experiences to make sure this trip becomes an unforgettable and authentic experience.


What do we offer?

Farm visits: Our lovely and experienced farmers are more than happy to welcome you on the farm and let you participate in their everyday life. You may tour the farm and experience the daily farm activities as well as taste a glass of fresh milk or apple juice.Tourists can visit the animals in the stables and on the meadows, breathe the fresh air and learn how food is produced. For many people, this is their first time to experience a rural environment, so it will surely leave a deep impression on them.

Taking pictures: We are aware of the importance of recording our most precious memories, so at every farm, participants will be given the chance to take pictures with cute cows, picturesque landscapes and loving families. It will be a great addition to any travel diary!

Traditional meals: Tourists can savour delicious home-cooked meals, made from ingredients produced on the very farm they are staying at. Many of our farms are equipped to serve a traditional fondue or raclette meal to give visitors a culinary tour of Switzerland. If this isn’t a perfect way to get a taste of the country, we don’t know what is!

Petting zoo: We are giving travelers the chance to feel close to nature and visit happy swissmooh cows grazing on the fields or see them being milked. There are also other cute animals to pet and play with. For families with children, this stay will be the highlight of their trip!

Pick your own produce: There is a special delight to be found in roaming the lush orchards and experiencing the joy of picking ripe fruit from a tree. Many farms have apples, pears, plums or nuts – picking your own fruit really makes you taste the meaning of freshness!

Buying local produce: All yummy local produce can be bought at the farmer’s shop. These high-quality products are regional specialties often not available elsewhere, so they make the perfect edible souvenir.

A touch of nature: Through the experience on our farms, tourists can see how close Swiss agriculture really is to the idyllic image. Cows graze on lush pastures, the water in their troughs pure enough for humans to drink. These are the things that we wish for tourists to witness. As a special treat, all fresh produce like milk, cheese, vegetables and fruit can be tasted on the farm.

A special memory: A trip to a farm is vastly different from other tours, which consist mostly of city trips and mountain climbing. The swissmooh farms project is a special adventure not available back home, which is sure to become a precious memory for all who participate. For the tour operators, this is a chance to offer something different and gain an edge over competition.


What makes us unique?


A broad selection of different farms: being one of the biggest milk cooperatives in the country, we work with close to 4000 farms, and each one of them is an adventure on its own. We strive to bring the most interesting activities to you, and have therefore selected several farms with different activities to host you.

All-natural, all Swiss: all our farms fulfill the strict requirements of the Suisse Garantie label, meaning that animal enjoy a high comfort and the whole production processes are sustainable and in alliance with nature. Tourists can appreciate the natural surroundings, breathe the fresh air, and eat fresh, healthy products.

Close relationship with the farms and the farmer families: we are a milk cooperative owned 100% by farmers. All the farms you can visit deliver their milk to us, and we know each family personally. This close cooperation formed a bond of trust, which is why they agreed to open their farms for you and welcome you personally on their farms.

Understanding of Chinese culture: swissmooh has been present in China since 2012, and thus we are experienced with cooperating with Chinese people. Our staff speaks Chinese and understands the cultural subtleties, and our farm staff are also educated about the cultural subtleties when dealing with Chinese people.

No communication barriers: we want visitors to enjoy their stay to the fullest. Therefore, we have organized translators to take part and ensure that there are no language barriers.

Passion and competence: mooh cooperative has existed since 1905. More than a century of experience and connection to farming means that we are passionate about the Swiss agriculture, and would like our foreign guests to experience all the positive aspects it has to offer. We are working with top tourism experts on this project, and our joined expertise make all the difference.

Easy booking: we are a no-fuss company. Therefore, we strive to make the process of booking, reserving and organizing a trip as easy as possible. All you need to do is contact us with the dates of your trip, the farm you would like to visit, what additional services you require for how many people, and we will take care of the rest. Providing an enjoyable trip for your customers has never been so easy!




Join us and enjoy the world of swissmooh! 


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