Our farms


Our farms can be found all over Switzerland, close to the main tourist destinations. We have several farms to choose from, each offering unique experiences.

Each number on the map below represents a participating mooh farm. Please scroll down for more information. 


Details about our farms




1. Fam. Korrodi in Bubikon, close to the airport in Zürich. Offers basic farm visits, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and cake, snacks as well as fondue. 

2. Hübscher family farm in Bertschikon, near Zurich. Offers basic farm visits, breakfast as well as music. 

3. Fam. Portmann in Spittel, close to Basel Offers basic farm visits, whiskey degustation, coffee and cake. 

4. Meier family farm in Morgarten, Central Switzerland. Offers basic farm visits, breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as coffee and cake and liqueur tasting. 

5. Bucheli-Zimmermann family farm in Brunnen, Central Switzerland.  Offer basic farm visit, milking a real Swiss cos and coffee and cake.  


Switzerland 100% pure milk