On this page, you can read about our guest's experiences on our farms.


Testimonial from our General Manager in China, Judy Zhou:


Lush forests, snow-capped mountains, clearly ringing cowbells, mountain ranches, April in Switzerland is like an idyllic picture. It was very interesting to visit the farm, and it was a good place to relax. We witnessed the robotic milking process, and in the Alps saw a leisurely stroll of the cows. Here the cows are completely free, they can choose to stay in the stables, or go outside to roam on the green meadows to eat fresh grass. Switzerland has strict regulations for farmers: they must go through professional education and training, and pass an examination to obtain a farm business license. The farmer knows every cow so well that they just need to look at it and they can tell how she is feeling. When visiting the farm, we could touch and feed the animals when we wanted to, the cows are not shy at all and trust humans. This means that the cows are treated very well. We also tasted fresh cheese made with fresh milk on the farm. It had a unique flavor which I found delicious.

I learned many things about dairy farming, such as how to make delicious cow food by mixing a certain proportion of corn, grass, and sweet beets.

It was a very educational day, where we not only got to enjoy the beautiful nature of Switzerland, but also found out how to ensure food safety and provide a healthy and healthy environment for future generations. 

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