Rules for your visit


Rules for the visit


To ensure a pleasant experience for all parties involved, we have come up with some ground rules. We kindly ask you to read through them before your visit. Thank you.


  1. All participants are to respect the farmer, his property as well as his animals.
  2. There will be one guide per group. It is his or her responsibility to explain the farm to you, so to get the most information, please avoid loud talking to allow others to hear.
  3. Please follow the guide in an orderly fashion and do not stray.
  4. When interacting with the animals, please do not hit or otherwise hurt them. Remain calm at all times and avoid overly quick movements. We will choose only tame and friendly animals, so you do not need to worry about the animal biting you.
  5. Please do not spit, as this is not considered proper behavior in Swiss culture.
  6. When using the toilet, please keep it clean and orderly. Do not stand or squat on the toilet seat. Our team ensures top hygiene standards, so you do not have to worry about the state of our facilities.


Enjoy your stay!

The swissmooh team

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