Offers and prices


Offers and prices

Season: Our farms may be visited all year round. The peak season is May to October.

Number of participants: a group of 30-50 people depending on the size of the farm. Minimum size of the group: 12-20 people. Please note that there is a minimum charge of CHF 200 per group.

Reservation and booking

You may book your visit to one of our farms by using this contact form.


Our basic farm visit includes a tour of the farm. The participants will be welcomed by the owner, and our knowledgeable guide will show them around the farm. They will see the animals in the stables and on the field, and find out interesting and useful facts about Swiss agriculture. Depending on the time of day, they will have the chance to see the milking process. They may also have the chance to pick fruit fresh from the trees.

The visitors will also be able to ask any questions they may have. At the end of their stay, the guests will have witnessed the idyllic landscape, breathed the fresh air and be ready to embark on a new adventure!

Buying local produce: All yummy local produce can be bought at the farmer’s shop. These high-quality products are regional specialties often not available elsewhere, so they make the perfect edible souvenir. We also have swissmooh premium dairy products on sale at all our farm’s gift shops, so make sure to use this chance to taste the real Switzerland!

As a special highlight, we offer tourists to milk a real Swiss cow

We have many additional activities which you may book.

Traditional meals: Tourists can savour delicious home-cooked meals, made from ingredients produced on the very farm they are staying at. Many of our farms are equipped to serve a traditional fondue or raclette meal to give visitors a culinary tour of Switzerland. If this isn’t a perfect way to get a taste of the country, we don’t know what is!


We offer the following meals. The menus differ on every farm, please download the individual menus below. 


Breakfast (buffet and take-away)

  • Farmer's bread, a choice of jams and honey, yoghurt, and specialty dried fruit.
  • Drinks include tea, coffee and milk.
  • If you require, you have the option to book a take-away breakfast so that you can eat it on the road



  • Grilled sausages and vegetables. Potatoes and a salad. For dessert, we invite you to taste a locally-produced ice cream with a topping of warm fruit.



  • For dinner, we offer a salad or a soup and a traditional Swiss meal such as Älplermagronen. For dessert, you may enjoy ice cream topped with warm fruit.

Coffee and cake

  • Take a break and enjoy a cup of steaming coffee as well as a slice of home-made cake, freshly baked by the farmer's wife!


  • Try the most traditional Swiss meal! We will serve bread, vegetables as well as fruits along with it to give you a large variety of tastes.


Meat and cheese platter

  • Enjoy tasty Swiss cured meat and cheese specialties, served with bread. 


Duration and prices (CHF) incl. VAT



Price per person

Basic farm visit

45 minutes


Farm visit including breakfast

1 hour 15 minutes


Farm visit including lunch

1 hour 30 minutes


Farm visit incuding dinner

1 hour 30 minutes


Farm visit including coffee and cake

1 hour 15 minutes


Farm visit including fondue

1 hour 15 minutes


Additional activities

Takeaway breakfast





17.- per person 

Traditional Swiss Music

30 minutes

70.- per group 

Milking a real Swiss cow

45 minutes

96.- per group

Homemade liqueur tasting

30 minutes

12.- per person


The minimum price per tour is 200.-. Private tours are also available.



Each farm has a different specialty food, therefore the menues differ from place to place. 


Embrach, Zurich ariport: Lienhard family farm  

Bertschikon, Zurich, Hübscher family farm

Morgarten, Central Switzerland: Meier family farm

Brunnen, Central Switzerland: Bucheli-Zimmermann family farm

Ormalingen near Basel: Schär family farm

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