Central Switzerland: Morgarten


Name: Meier

Location: Central Switzerland, in Morgarten

Address: Hauptseestrasse 81, 6315 Morgarten

Description: Situated right next to the magnificent Aegeri Lake, this farm is the ideal spot for lovers of outdoor sports, and may be combined with a boat ride or a hike. It is also famous for being the place of the epic Battle of Morgarten, where Swiss soldiers fought against the Habsburgs in the year 1315.

The Meiers have 50 cows and sheep, and their dog Sina is a loyal member of the family. The stables have been left in their original state, offering a glimpse of a traditional dairy farm.

Apart from being skilled dairy farmers, the family often welcomes groups of travelers to stay at their two-story holiday house. The modern building has a cozy dining area, where you can see traditional liqueur distillation equipment, as well as a large terrace with a stunning view over the Aegeri Lake.

The liqueur distilled by Franz Meier is famous in the area, and they offer a tasting menu where you may enjoy it as well!

This place is perfect for the hungry traveler, with the family offering the whole meal palette from breakfast buffet, takeaway breakfast, lunch, dinner and an afternoon snack option.

Erika Meier is an avid photographer, so you may pet the cows and have your picture taken.

The main products on this farm are dried fruit specialties, several types of liqueur, home-made pasta and jam, honey as well as flavoured cured ham.

The farm is available daily from 9am until 7pm. 

Seasonal fruits: Plums: July and August. Apples and pears: July to November. Cherries: July and August. 

Activities: Farm visit, shop, petting zoo and photo, meals: breakfast, breakfast take-away, lunch, dinner, afternoon snack.  

Capacity: 50 people

Services: click here to see the menu and prices for the activities on this farm.

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