Basel: Ormalingen

Name: Schär

Location: West Switzerland near Basel

Address: Weidhof 203, 4466 Ormalingen


This farm has been in the Schär family for four generations. It spans 33 hectares wit 150 fruit trees (apples, quinces, plums, cherries), from which the family makes a variety of products, including fruit spirits.The farm is the home of 60 healthy cows in an airy stable.

In Spring until mid-April, you may also enjoy fruit blossoms.

There is room for up to 60 people to enjoy a meal in the rustic party room. 

The farm is known for its whiskey, which you may also try. It has received numerous awards, for example the prize for best whiskey in Switzerland in 2014 and 2015 as well as a gold award in 2016!

Seasonal fruits: June and July: cherries. July and August; plums, July to November: apples

Activities: Farm visit, traditional meal, shop 

Capacity: 60 people

Services: click here to see the menu and prices for the activities on this farm.

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Schär farm Schär farm Schär farm Schär farm
Schär farm Schär farm Schär farm
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