At swissmooh, we turn traditional Swiss strengths into the best dairy products.

100% Swiss made: all swissmooh products are prepared by skilled and dedicated Swiss cheesemakers or dairymen, using pure Swiss milk from happy cows only.

Intact, natural environment: Swiss cows graze on the fertile pastures of Central and Eastern Switzerland, where the hills and the mountains provide a great diet of fresh grass and golden hay.They feed on vitamin-rich grass, which gives the milk a well-rounded nutritional profile. 

Trustworthy products: we guarantee that we only use fresh milk and best quality ingredients and that we uncompromisingly apply the highly respected Swiss manufacturing practice to deliver trustworthy products. All our products can be traced back at all stages and at any time to the individual cow on its alp and in its barn. We carry out rigorous quality control measures to ensure our milk fulfills the highest food safety standards. This way, we have full control over our production chain. 

Pure taste: the traditional Swiss cheese maker’s skills combined with advanced expertise and an innovative spirit drive our products to become a gastronomic dream. Just enjoy and have fun!

Our mission


swissmooh’s mission is to launch fascinating specialties, which are produced entirely by swissmooh-associated, leading and high performing cheese dairies in Switzerland. Longstanding expertise and the full commitment of highly skilled and passionate cheese-makers contribute to outstanding and trust-worthy quality. Made with 100% swissmooh premium milk from happy cows only.


Switzerland 100% pure milk